Here's what our customers say

I'm loving my new candle! It has a very clean burn with no cloudy smoke. "Cleanse" is a refreshing scent and not overpowering. Looking forward to trying other scents. Thank you Urban Boho

- Heather

I absolutely love my Self Love candle! This was my first time experiencing a coconut soy wax candle. I love how suddenly I was hit with all 3 notes of peach, cherry blossom, and vanilla. As lay back to relax and my sense is taken in all those fragrances, I feel nothing but happiness and love. I see whyit's called Self Love!

- Nichole

I ordered 20 candles for a client appreciation we had at my job, and Icouldn't have picked a better gift!

Everithing from the scent of the candle, to the presentation, to the instructions was amazing! Joelle has passion for what she does, and it shows in her candles,

I then requested 15 more smaller candles for my business and my clients love it! le is the perfect thank you touch and best of all, it is all natural! No harmful chemicals!

- Carolina

This is by far my favorite candle!

It burns clean, lasts long, and has an iconic luxury scent with deep woody hotes and sweet scents. This candle is sure to set the mood! Every time I light it, it adds this cozy feel to my living room.

Thank you Urban Boho.

- Daisy