The woman behind Urban Boho

Hello, I 'm Joelle.

I have always dreamed of having a passion that would turn to a business, a business that would fuel my creativity, motivation, give me a sense of achievement, and most importantly would connect me with more people.

October 10th, 2022 was supposed to bring an unpleasant memory, but instead, an angel called “Dad” sent me a wonderful idea that made that dream come true. Without any hesitation or further thinking, I followed my heart and created “Urban Boho”.

Urban Boho candle is a representation of every person seeking a modern, simple, and artistic lifestyle.

A person with a free-spirited mindset and a love for nature and colors.

Our main objective is to deliver a unique, sentimental, and natural candle, keeping in mind the Environment whether in its production, use, or disposal.

We make candles with passion and care, and we focus on delivering not only a good product, but also a pleasant customer journey, from browsing our website, to making a purchase, to enjoying a satisfying and relaxing candle, and to having an easy post purchase experience.